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Things to do before selling your vessel and things to look for before buying a vessel
1. Inspect bilges - they should:
  • Not show signs of previous flooding above bilge's normal high water level. Level at which alarms, pumps etc. are activated.
  • Be dry
  • Be clean
  • Have no oil or fuel residue
  • Have no mildew
  • Have no obvious corrosion
    • On through hulls
    • On sea valves
    • On hose clamps
    • On electrical connections
    • On fasteners
    • On pumps, motors, etc.
  • Have no wires or electrical connections below bilge high water level.
  • Have automatic bilge pump switches.
  • Have high water sensors/alarms.
  • Not show signs of delamination or separation at glass layup joints, water sodden wooden or foam structures.
  • Have substantial, non corroded motor mounts.
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