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Edward S. Hatch, Jr., SAMS® AMS®

Principal Marine Surveyor
410 812-7761

Services Provided
Cargo Surveys

We offer Cargo Surveys for both containers and bulk cargo. Our Cargo Surveyors provide complete documentation - photographs, lock information, all levels of packaging, accurate counts, damage assessment and probable cause, etc. Marine Cargo Surveys might be an assessment for damage and probable cause, witnessing - loading/unloading, etc.. All photos taken during Boat Cargo Surveys are included in our report and also provided on disc for your convenience.
cargo surveys
Corrosion Surveys

The best way to treat corrosion is to prevent it! Ahab Marine Services offers in depth analytical inspections.

Our corrosion survey includes complete inspection of all parameters affecting corrosion - Slip pedestal, AC and DC circuits, grounding, protective anodes, etc..

All Photo's from survey are included in our report and also provided on disc for your convenience.
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Condition and Value

Ahab Marine Services offers a complete inspection of your vessel and all it's equipment, we can also include a sea trial.
The report is useful for pre-purchase assessment, insurance, appraisal, financing, etc.

Our analytical inspection breaks problems into three categories:
  • Required - Must repair = illegal or unsafe.
  • Essential - Should repair = affects the value of the boat and is out of current standards.
  • Desirable - Might repair = convenience or aesthetics.
We determine the vessel's current condition, its fair market value as it sits and after suggested corrections.

All photo's from survey are included in our report and also provided on disc for your convenience.
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Infrared Thermography

Find hull layup voids, hull moisture, electrical problems, mechanical friction problems, etc. Non invasive, great for preventative maintenance of mechanical parts before major friction damage is done
Infrared Thermography
Damage Survey

This is performed to assess the extent of damage, recommend repairs, estimate repair cost, and if requested, possible cause
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Scheduled Inspection Services

Have your boat checked when you cannot get down to look at it regularly.

Start engines, check bilges, lines, batteries, shore power, covers/canvas, pumps, generators, fuel, water, air conditioner, etc.

Customized arrangements for frequency and items to be checked.

If you haven't used the vessel for awhile have it checked a couple of days before you arrive to use it. Be sure it is ready to go and enjoy!

Quotes on multiple checks. Each check includes list of items checked and condition found, including photos.
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