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Edward S. Hatch, Jr., SAMS® AMS®

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Why get a survey before you commit to buying a vessel?
Don’t buy until you know the following:

I. There are many defects that cannot be seen by the untrained unaided eye.
  1. Moisture or delamination in the fiberglass layup and/or core.
  2. Corrosion of key metal parts.
  3. Poor through hulls, hoses and/or clamps.
  4. Defective shore power, battery or generator electricity, AC and DC.
  5. Defective fuel systems – gasoline, diesel, CNG, LPG, etc.
II. There are many defects in systems that can only be discovered while the vessel is in the water and/or underway.
  1. Engines
  2. Drives
  3. Steering
  4. Effectiveness of control surfaces – rudder, trim tabs, thrusters, etc.
  5. Pumps – bilge, hydraulic, sinks, toilets, etc.
  6. Electronics – depth, gps, autohelm, communications, etc.
III. There are many items that are required by law or Standard and common sense:
  1. Fire extinguishers.
  2. Life jackets.
  3. Throwable life saving device – ring, horseshoe, cushion, etc.
  4. First aid kit.
  5. Distress signals- flares, etc.
  6. Anchor and rode.
  7. Compass.
  8. CO detectors in interior.
  9. Navigation lights.
  10. Charts of area.
  11. Rules of the road.
  12. Sound signal – horn, whistle, etc.
  13. Bilge pump – dewatering device.
  14. Tools.
  15. Fenders.
  16. Boat hook.
  17. Ship to Shore communication- VHF, Cell phone, etc.
  18. Docking lines.
  19. Etc.
Knowing about these defects and/or missing items allows proper evaluation ( fair market value) of the vessel and the costs and time involved in getting it into legal, safe, convenient operating condition. Having this information before commitment can save you thousands of dollars – much more than the cost of the survey. The report is often required to get insurance, loans, etc. This knowledge could save lives!

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